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Eastern Diagnostic Imaging

CT, OEC-C-Arms, AMX-4 portables and RF systems remanufactured by EDI keep your budget healthy. EDI has been helping the Diagnostic Imaging Community for over 25 years. All products sold by EDI are completely remanufactured and come with a full one year warranty. Call 508-8282-2970 today for more information or visit our web site at

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Strong partnerships, satisfied customers

A unique, specialized business model, carefully crafted training and consultation programs, and an eye toward the future of the indus-try ensure that Eastern Diagnostic Imaging will remain a leader in the imaging market in 2011 and beyond. Since EDI was formed they have been providing quality products to the imaging industry. They provide a new line of systems including the new Platinum dRF multi-purpose diagnostic system and the Stratos Bone Density systems from DMS of France. Remanufacturing remains a main stay of EDI’s product line also. All of EDI’s remanufactured products are sold with a one year warranty. EDI specializes in GE/OEC C-Arms, GE AMX-4/4+ porta-bles and RF products.

Co-founders Steve Walsh and Paul Gonyea have worked together since 1986, when they formed the X-ray refurbishing company American Radiographics, which Huestis Medical bought. In 2006 when Huestis Medical was sold, Steve Walsh, Paul Gonyea and Gary Shaw founded Eastern Diagnostic Imaging with a fresh outlook and a brand new business model that focused on customer service. Today, EDI is a leading provider of remanufactured GE AMX-4 Plus portables, GE R/F rooms, and OEC C-arms, as well as new state of the art digital solutions.

“Everyone involved in a transaction has a level of accountability: the end user, the dealer and the manufacturer. And everyone has a job to keep, a customer to keep and a reputation to uphold. We feel that if we do our job well, everyone else’s job will be easier,” Shaw explains. It is this philosophy that has helped the company establish a solid base of returning customers.


edi-1Eastern Diagnostic Imaging defines success one transaction at a time. The company focuses on strengthening relationships and providing superior customer service. “We are striving for perfection with every order, it is the only business philosophy that makes sense” Walsh says. As a small business, it is important to maintain this philosophy in order to manage sustained growth.

“We are like most of the small businesses out there. We have to get up every day and work hard for our customers’ respect and future orders. The only way we know how to do that is to make sure that the products shipped are exactly as described, and if possible, better than described.”

So how does EDI meet such high standards? The company has established relationships with new equipment manufacturers, includ-ing CPI, the leading provider of generators in the world, and Varian/InfiMed, a leading manufacturer of digital solutions for diagnostic x-ray. The result is a remanufactured product that is comparable to the OEM offering, with the only major difference being the price. EDI’s remanufactured products are sold at 40 to 60 percent less than the price of a brand-new system. “What we’re really selling are cost effective solu-tions,” Shaw explains.

For example, to remanufac-ture an R/F room, EDI will begin by refurbishing a used table and a used overhead tube crane. EDI will add a new state of the art digital imaging system, generator and vertical chest stand. Of the five major components in an R/F room, three are brand new. And in the two that are refurbished, 80 percent of the parts are new. “The end product will provide the same diagnostic results as a new product because it has the new image acquisition chain,” Walsh says.


Aside from significant savings, there are other advantages to buying equipment from Eastern Diagnostic Imaging. “We make our products better by investing in the processes of remanufacturing the product as well as in the aftersale support,” Walsh says.

All of EDI’s remanufacturing takes place in the company’s 17,000-square-foot facility in Taunton, Mass. The facility has two RF staging bays, each of which has 480VAC for pre-staging R/F systems. The facility also has AMX and C-arm areas, each with designated prestaging areas.

All EDI technicians are held to stringent standards. Those who have not had direct OEM training have been trained at other third party training schools. All of them have undergone EDI’s thorough training program and continue to receive training on a day-to-day basis. The company also offers two-day dealer training courses on all of their products. Walsh says that part of the reason his technicians are so capable is the narrow line of products EDI offers. The technicians know the equipment inside and out because they work with the same systems every day. The AMX technicians are responsible for only AMXs, the C-arm technicians are responsible for only C-arms, and so on.

The decision to specialize in a niche area of the imaging market has allowed EDI’s technicians and sales-people to become experts in those systems. “We try to sell solutions that truly work for each customer” Walsh says. Choosing to specialize in a narrow range of the most widely used R/F products has made EDI’s employees natural experts within that range.


edi-2Eastern Diagnostic Imaging’s sales strategy involves a thorough initial evaluation of the customer’s needs. The company’s consultative selling strategy ensures customers invest in the product that is best for the facility, the end user and the patients. A customer once called Walsh request-ing a mini C-arm because of limited space at his facility. However, when Walsh discovered that the C-arm was to be used for multiple purposes, he explained that the full-size C-arm would better suit the customer’s needs.

Another potential problem the consultative selling strategy elim-inates is difficulty in aftersale service. Walsh says that sometimes, customers will call with a specific make and model in mind that they want to buy, without considering the availability of parts or challenges to servicing it down the road. Rather than sourcing the requested system and making an easy sale, Walsh aims to educate the customer about potential issues and match them with something that meets their needs functionally and financially.

“There are times when I say, ‘No I’m not going to sell you that.’” Older systems that are no longer widely used can put facilities at risk for extended down time, as they search for people who can service it, or parts that are no longer available or are difficult to find, Walsh explains and offers a solution. “If our customers can get their work done, that’s the important thing. Nobody wants to cancel patients.”


EDI is marketing a line of equipment From DMS in France that include the most advanced digital multi-purpose systems available. Eastern Diagnostic Imaging also provides new c-arms from Genoray, new CR systems for RAD rooms from iCRco, and digital upgrades for AMX-4 portables and R/F rooms from com-panies like Varian, CPI and iCRco. “The market has changed and it keeps evolving,” Shaw says, “and if you want to continue to be a provider of solutions, you have to change and evolve with it.”


Eastern Diagnostic Imaging will continue to source the best available products to help our dealers compete in today’s imaging environment. That means finding cost effective state of the art solutions. The company has recently entered into an OEM agreement that designates EDI as the company for the refurbishment of a portable product and the distribution of DR upgrades for another. “This is very exciting because it dovetails nicely into our strengths,” Walsh says. “It also provides a new opportunity for our distributors to enhance their market for DR upgrades.” At EDI we have looked at many options for distribution of equipment. Our history and contact base has posi-tioned us in a unique place in the market. We have worked with a net-work of independent X-ray dealers throughout the U.S. for over 25 years. We have many relationships that trust EDI to perform as advertised. As a result, “EDI is in the perfect position to become a major distribution channel,” Shaw says.

EDI also now offers the Platinum dRF system from the French man-ufacturer DMS. This system has a dynamic flat panel for image acquisition and a range of kW ratings for selectable CPI generators. Thales/CMT created the image acquisition software used with the system.

Another product EDI is bringing into the U.S. market is the Stratos bone density system. This is a newly designed unit with Fast Beam Technology, also from DMS. “We believe this will provide a cost effective solution for Bone Density providers,” Shaw says.

“Our executive team is very much interested in keeping our fingers on the pulse of the business and applying the necessary solutions as they are needed, be that technical or financial,” says Shaw. As such, EDI is already in the process of becoming a prominent X-ray sales and service organization in New England, and will soon include remanufactured CT sales and service into their product mix.

“There is an opportunity in New England and we believe we are well positioned to fill that void,” Shaw says. This forward-looking philosophy, coupled with EDI’s dedication to its roots in customer service, ensure that EDI will continue to be a leader in the diagnostic imaging market in 2013 and beyond.



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