CPAC Environmental Solutions COX Rapid Heat Model 6000

CPAC Environmental Solutions COX Rapid Heat Model 6000


The COX Rapid Heat Model 6000 provides FDA-cleared instrument sterilization of wrapped instruments in 12 minutes (6 minutes unwrapped) with no drying cycle. This HVHA (High-Velocity High Temperature) sterilization system does not require the use of any water, steam or toxic chemicals. Drying cycles are eliminated in HVHA systems and with the absence of water, steam and chemicals there is no corrosion, pitting or dulling of instruments. The COX Rapid Heat Sterilizer has been recently proven by an independent third-party to average 84 percent less energy per sterilization cycle than competitive steam sterilizers, and can sterilize in double-decker cassettes over 200 instruments per hour. The fast turnaround of the COX Rapid Heat Sterilizer eliminates the temptation of medical staff to bypass or shorten cycles that can jeopardize instrument sterility when instruments are still wet. In addition to rapid dry heat sterilizers, the company offers a full complement of instrument sterilization pouches, instrument organizers, cassettes, holding racks, spore test kits, incubators and indicator strips.

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