Mid-America Medical

Phone: 901-756-1968

P.O. Box 382396,
Memphis, TN 38183
United States


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  • We are dealers of preowned and new hospital and medical equipment. With many years of experience in the medical field, we have established worldwide contacts and offer many services, such as:

    Selling: You can purchase top quaility preowned equipment at a great savings. All equipment is checked by our certified Bio-Medical Technician. We also have several lines of new equipment at reasonable prices.

    Buying: Let your excess or obsolete equipment make money for you. We are always in the market for all types of equipment, from one item to an entire hospital or clinic or nursing home.

    Refurbishing/Reconditioning: Our professional staff reconditions and/or refurbishes equipment as needed. Some items are like new and do not need anything done to them.

    Appraising/Consulting: Are you thinking of expanding? Retiring? Purchasing another facility? We can assist you with the fair market value of your equipment for a nominal fee. Our many years of experience in the medical field enables us to

  • midamericamed1990@gmail.com
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