CIM med medical mounting solutions receive accolade


The height-adjustable S-series mounting solutions from CIM med have been rated as best in category by the INDUSTRIEPREIS 2017 award team and are now entitled to carry the corresponding certificate and logo. This award recognizes advanced products that have a considerable level of economic, social, technological and ecological benefit.

The new S-series won over the judges with its optimized design, user-friendly installation and cable integration system (CIS). The CIS was developed by CIM med and raises the standard of bedside care by protecting cables that supply power and data to the patient monitor. It ensures flawless connections and offers advantages in terms of hygiene and infection prevention. Germs are unable to settle on exposed sections of cable and the sleek design of the arms provides large one-wipe surface areas for ease of cleaning. All CIM med products are EN60601 compliant and benefit from a maximum carrying capacity of 22 kilos.

The arms boast a customizable internal rotation stop at every pivot point, making it possible to limit the arms range to suit its use and environment. It is particularly useful when used in anesthesia, to assist in stability.

The use of the most modern aluminum alloy also reduces the weight of the arms. This also helps with the stability testing of mounts placed on carts as well as reducing transportation costs for delivery. It all adds to the “green thinking” behind the product.

Also, CIM med GmbH was awarded the latest ISO 13485:2016 accreditation earlier this year.