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Choosing a technology vendor with whom to partner in the imaging space can be a decision complicated by multiple factors


Sometimes, speed and professionalism aren’t enough to overcome a technological disadvantage.


A hospital in Minnesota was having issues with a third-party manufactured circuit and looked to Dräger’s anesthesia expertise in evaluating possible solutions.


CARTI specializes in medical, surgical and radiation oncology and diagnostic radiology, and supports clinics dedicated to imaging, infusion, research, and support programs. This year, the center became the first U.S. provider to install a Toshiba Infinix 4D CT with the Infinix-i angiography system and Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition CT system.


Driving medical device standardization and interoperability is among the most challenging and critical ongoing conversations in healthcare. Whether greater connectivity means enabling a hospital or health network to capture best-of-breed solutions or simply connecting departments and devices across locations, the more they can communicate, the more efficiently things can run. That coordination drives workflow, patient […]

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In addition to removing the barriers of denial based on pre-existing conditions and providing subsidized access to health care for millions of Americans, another of the chief tenets of the Affordable Care Act is tying reimbursements to health outcomes.


At best, a surgery center can be described as “controlled chaos,” said Brett McGreaham. “There’s so much going on, so many people moving through at such a high pace, that bringing any type of stability or automation into that process is going to help save time,” McGreaham said.


When vascular surgeon Chris LeSar goes to work, he’s typically not thinking of his own comfort, but that of his patients. The endovascular operations he performs are often conducted minimally invasively, the better to speed recovery and limit intrusion into the body. His work requires such fine control that it is conducted with the aid of fluoroscopy and an injectable, radioactive dye that allows him to trace the location of arterial blockages. Once LeSar locates those blockages, he can use catheters to inflate the artery with a balloon or prop it open with a stent to return normal blood flow to the area.

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Whether due to the closure of a nearby health care facility, an uptick in seasonal flu cases or a growing reputation for quality, imaging patient volume at South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, has been on the upswing.

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As an associate professor of ultrasound and the chair of the diagnostic ultrasound department at Seattle University in Seattle, Wash., Carolyn Coffin is charged with educating the next generation of sonographers.