Pay it Forward

The Project Perfect World Foundation aims to support the health care needs of underserved children throughout the world.


According to estimates from the World Health Organization, about one-half to two-thirds of the Earth’s population has not had access to basic medical imaging services like X-ray and ultrasound


Since 2004, PEP has focused on serving men in Texas state prisons who are within three years of their release dates.

Dr. Michael Millano, right, brought more than 40 volunteers and screened 160 athletes at a recent tournament.

The Special Smiles initiative works to screen athletes for dental and oral health concerns.


Supporting communities in need with donations of medical equipment.


One of the chief aims of the Affordable Care Act is to improve health outcomes by tying reimbursement rates to readmission rates. With hospital-associated infections an ever-present challenge, Prime Medical of Largo, Florida has developed a new microfiber technology designed to reduce bacterial growth with an assist from common household bleach. SAF-T scrubs are designed […]


InterMed CEO Rick Staab has dedicated himself to helping increase the visibility of dystonia and coordinate research around a cure.


One of the biggest obstacles to supporting disabled Americans is raising awareness of the ubiquity of the conditions of their lives.


In 2016, Operation Smile is adding new care centers in Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Paraguay, bringing its total to 28 globally.


Bugando Weill Medical Centre is the largest health care facility in Mwanza, Tanzania. Situated on Lake Victoria, a body of water that borders Kenya and Uganda, the tertiary hospital caters to 16 million people, fully a third of the country. That includes its population of children, half of whom are younger than 14. The majority […]