Off the Clock

Ben Pridgeon describes himself as a country boy, with all the familiar trappings of one.

M.I.T. employees enjoy a fun day of foxhunting. From left to right: Sarah Lee, Brett Lee, Rick Player, Frank Watts, and Megan Prescott.

Lee belongs to the Belle Meade Hunt Club, where its annual foxhunt is a tradition that has been carried on for half a century.


Sprint car driver Eric Wright got his start in racing as a youngster tearing up mud with a four-wheeler on a homemade track on the rear of his grandfather’s property. At 15, his father moved him up two levels to a bigger, traveling racing series, and by that point, he was truly hooked. “You can’t […]


Thanks to movies like “Drumline” and the popularity of Saturday afternoon NCAA football, most Americans have more than a passing familiarity with marching bands.


In his free time, Atlanta-based anesthesiologist David Nusz has long enjoyed managing his investments, from retirement funds to stocks, bonds, and precious metals. When he became interested in diversifying his portfolio through real estate, however, investment opportunities were often either too labor-intensive – buy a house, rehab it, and flip or rent it – or […]


Amit Majmudar has put the lie to the dilemma of every emerging artist who’s been forced to choose between a life of impoverished struggle or abandoning dreams of aesthetic greatness.


After retiring from Varian in 2012 and pulling the ripcord on the corporate work week, Robert Hibdon found that he could not seem to slow down.


Katrina Winn, co-owner of Carolina Medical Parts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, recalls how her son Jason’s Tiger Den leader “got volun-told” that he was going to become the area Cub Master; the scout leader who oversees all the local dens.

Adrianna England didn’t become a cheerleading coach because she was interested in the activity.


As the Global Community Manager for the Fluke Corporation of Everett, Washington, Carissa Pietzsch works to manage a consistency of her customers’ experiences across social and traditional media platforms.