Market Analysis: Med/Surg

The global medical batteries market is expected to experience sustained growth owing to technological advancements and increased demand.


The global sterilization market was at $4.69 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $6.93 billion by 2021.


The patient monitor market was reported to be at $11 billion in 2015 and is anticipated to reach $26.2 billion by 2022, according to Market Reports Hub.


Reports indicate continued growth for the infusion pump and infusion pump accessories market over the next 10 to 15 years.


A report from Market Research Store forecasts continued growth for the endoscope market for at least the next five years.


The medical carts and cabinets market is a part of the larger medical furniture market and is expected to experience continued growth in the coming years.


Laboratory equipment plays an important role in health care. These devices are used to provide accurate diagnoses and assist with a variety of treatment options. A recent BCC Research report states that the global market for general labware was valued at nearly $4.9 billion in 2014. This market was expected to reach $5.4 billion in […]


The global advanced patient monitoring market is currently worth about $31.4 billion, inclusive of devices, peripherals, software, packaged services and other applications.


Patient positioners are essential tools for surgeons, especially with advancements in robotic surgery and other minimally invasive surgery techniques worldwide.


From stretchers to wheelchairs to slings that hang down from the ceiling, patient transport and positioning is an important part of health care around the world. Product development and an increased awareness and focus on caregiver safety and injury prevention are among factors fueling the patient transport market in the heath care sector of the […]