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In the health care field, data breaches can carry even more significant consequences for the facilities affected by them.


The value to be recouped from reducing equipment expenses has become a selling feature.


With the looming threat of ACA repeal/reform and uncertainty over trade agreements, how are providers approaching value-based purchasing?


Medical imaging technologies have touched innumerable lives and become indispensable to the practice of health care.


Issues at the heart of the pre-owned medical equipment market.


The technologies and trends advancing medical imaging in 2017 and beyond.


By Matt Skoufalos As advancements in minimally invasive surgery continue to trend smaller, the technology, staffing, and physical infrastructure required to perform ever-more complex procedures have outgrown many of the rooms designed to house them. Rather than struggling to shoehorn the components of such processes into spaces and circumstances for which they are no longer […]


Nothing contributes to the survival rate of breast cancer diagnoses more than early detection.


Equipment purchasers are always looking to balance the opportunity to gain a competitive edge with the ability to provide the best care.


Find out the latest on UDIs and what experts say we can expect in the future.