Corporate Profile

Medical Dealer magazine recently learned more about Soma Technology from Sales Director Ashish Dhammam, Sales Director Ria Asnani and Marketing Coordinator Alyssa Adler.


Carolina Medical Parts is the only MRI component and coil repair company that performs all repair and testing under one roof.


“Our goals are to promote a healthier world, build value and create an inspiring workplace.”


Conquest Imaging is a respected leader for quality assurance and reliability in the medical device aftermarket business.


Using YouTube video instruction to successfully calibrate Shimadzu portables with the new RADII inserts.


Technical Prospects was founded by Bob Probst in 1997. The 18-year Siemens CT service engineer decided to branch out and use his knowledge to start a company that would provide a viable alternative to OEM sales and service. When he first established the company, Probst’s sole mission was to service facilities’ medical equipment. However, after […]


Pacific Medical is recognized worldwide as the the best solution for the repair and refurbishment of patient monitoring equipment.


MedWrench ( is a resource and sharing network for users of medical equipment.


Tenacore Holdings started in 2000 as a medical products distribution company with a primary focus on suction regulators, oxygen blenders and monitoring accessories.


Precise Biomedical Inc. is a dedicated independent contrast injector company that prides itself on offering a quality alternative to the OEM for everything from preventative maintenance to complex repairs as well as a full line of pre-owned equipment and parts.