Capital Partners to Acquire Bayer MVS

Resilience Capital Partners and North Park Capital Partners will acquire the Bayer Multi-Vendor Service operations, according to statement from Bayer.

"Bayer has entered into an agreement with Resilience Capital Partners and North Park Capital Partners (Resilience/North Park), which will acquire its Multi-Vendor Service (MVS) operations. MVS provides repair and maintenance primarily of non-Bayer radiology devices. This agreement supports the long-term sustainability of MVS in the competitive, third-party radiology device repair sector. Resilience/North Park has a proven track record of creating stand-alone companies and we believe this positions MVS well for the future," the statement reads.

"The decision to sell the MVS business aligns with Bayer's focus for its radiology business which develops, manufactures and markets contrast agents and devices to support successful image acquisition in the radiology suite. Bayer will maintain its service business and will continue to provide service support for Bayer manufactured devices," the statement continues.

For more than 20 years, Bayer Multi Vendor Service has been a third-party medical imaging service provider. The company began designing and manufacturing Medrad and OEM MRI coils in 1986. In the early 1990s, a local customer approached Bayer MVS and asked the team to repair a non-Medrad branded MRI coil. Utilizing the Medrad coil service capabilities, the team was able to successfully repair the customer's coil and company began to grow.

The Multi Vendor Service division was officially established in 1996 and opened a European office in 2007. It expanded its multi vendor capabilities into ultrasound transducer repair in 2001 and CR system and dry film printer service in 2007. Recently, MVS has begun to add radiology products to its portfolio. The Bayer MVS digital radiography upgrade solution was added in 2014, and in 2015 the MVS group took over the management of the Medrad eCoil product line.

“Our success is attributed to living our brand promise: delivering exceptional value through our capabilities, quality and customer care,” Bayer Multi Vendor Service General Manager Bill Kollitz told Medical Dealer magazine earlier this year.