ARTIS pheno Angiography System


Siemens Healthineers

ARTIS pheno angiography system

The robot-supported ARTIS pheno angiography system*, which was developed for use in interventional radiology, minimally invasive surgery, and interventional cardiology, possesses a zen40HDR flat panel detector and GIGALIX X-ray tube for outstanding image quality. The ARTIS pheno boasts new 2k recording technology capable of delivering 2D imaging resolution that is four times higher in all recording processes than prior Siemens Healthineers systems. The system’s StructureScout feature can adapt and optimize imaging parameters to suit the X-rayed area, potentially resulting in less radiation dose than prior Siemens Healthineers systems. The ARTIS pheno also supports the treatment of multimorbid patients and can be fitted with a comprehensive range of optional software applications for complex cases. And to aid with infection control, the ARTIS pheno has large, sealed surfaces with fewer spaces, which are easy to clean and disinfect.

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