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For Sale *** 2007 GE SIGNA 1.5T EXCITE HDXT MRI CXK4 Magnet (newer style skin tight covers) 8channel System *Software Version 15.0 *HDX RF, HFD Gradient Software Options: Echo Planar Imaging, Fast Gradient Echo, CINE, Fast Spin Echo & FLAIR, […]

PM Imaging Management
$55 USD

OLYMPUS A02908A Stopcocks and tubing

SH Medical
$250 USD

Cannulated Drillbit 22.9mm (9″) Lot includes: ConMed Linvatec Ref: S8511, Sentinel Cannulated Drillbit 11 x 22.9mm (9″) ConMed Linvatec Ref: 8594, Badger Cannulated Drillbit 10 x 22.9 mm (9″) ConMed Linvatec Ref: 8595, Badger Cannulated Drillbit 11 x 22.9mm (9″) […]

SH Medical

NOW Available!! 2005 GE 1.5T Excite 12X MRI System Note: One 8 Channel Coil. CXK4 Magnet, Serial # R4027, 33 mT/m Gradients, 120 Slew Rate, Running Software Level 12.0.0847d, Chiller Included, Coils Included: HR Wrist, Quad Knee/Foot, Torso Array, Breast […]

PM Imaging Management
$188,998 USD

Rental or Purchase * 2000 9X 1.5T CXK4 Mobile MRI system – inside a Cal Coach * Northern Air * PMIM * HI-Speed SR77 8651 SGD Gradients, Octane LX 9.1 Computer, EPI, FGE, CINE, FSE & FLAIR, TOF, Phase Contrast […]

PM Imaging Management
$22,000 USD

1996 Medical Coach 102” PMIM* It’s a 102 X 48 long and 13.6 high, July 1996 * 1M9A3A824TH02xxxx Depth: 48 inches Magnet: Philips Magnet Strength: 1.5T Width: 102 inches MPN: 102

PM Imaging Management
$3,994 USD

The Zoll R Series defibrillator includes the R Series BLS, R Series ALS and R Series Plus models; introducing simple and smart defibrillation to hospitals. They make code-­readiness possible for every hospital department with advanced, cost-effective solutions for resuscitation.

Gopher Medical
$2,500 USD

The VS4 is simple to use, and easily integrated into an existing network. The VS4 can provide direct communication with your facility’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system with programmable barcode scanning technology, eliminating time consuming transcription, and reducing transcription errors.

Gopher Medical
$994 USD

Philips TRX M4841A (optional SP02)

Gopher Medical