Tuttnauer EZPlus and EZ series of fully automatic autoclaves

Tuttnauer EZPlus and EZ series of fully automatic autoclaves


The new EZPlus Series offers all of the benefits of the EZ Series: closed door drying, exceptionally deep chamber, a comprehensive two-year parts and labor warranty, and ease of use. The EZPlus Series expands on these features and offers a newly designed EZGlide door, an innovative EZView multi-color display, front and top water filling, a USB port and a network port. Tuttnauer continues to offer a large selection of autoclaves with the choice of a 9-inch (EZ9PLUS and EZ9), 10-inch (EZ10 and EZ10K) or 11-inch (EZ11Plus) diameter chamber, closed door drying, and a two-year parts and labor warranty.

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